All of our products have been chosen for their outstanding quality from among the best Italian ingredients. We create them with great passion, always striving for perfection.

We offer innovative dishes and traditional regional recipes with a fresh and modern twist.

We hope you will enjoy our cuisine.

Buon appetito!

As an aperitif, may we suggest

Aperol Spritz 4.50 euros Martini bianco or rosso 3.50 euros
Verdejo Spritz 3.50 euros Glass of cava 2.70 euros
Campari with orange juice 6.00 euros Negroni 6.00 euros
Moretti double-malt beer 3.50 euros Tomato juice 3.00 euros
Americano 6.00 euros Gin with Seagram’s tonic 6.90 euros


To accompany the aperitif

Marinated olives * 3.50 euros
Home-made potato chips with Parmigiano Reggiano, black pepper and white truffle aroma 6.00 euros
Parmigiano Reggiano with traditional balsamic vinegar * 8.00 euros
Mortadella al tartufo with foccacia * 7.50 euros
Courgette flower stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies 1 piece: 4.50 euros
Courgette flower stuffed with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes 1 piece: 4.50 euros
Courgette flower stuffed with mozzarella and foie 1 piece: 4.50 euros
Potato croquettes with provolone, ham, porcini and parsley (3 pieces) 4.50 euros
Bruschettawith anchovies on finely diced tomato, basil and oregano (2 pieces) 5.50 euros
Bruschetta with foie, beef carpaccio and black truffle oil (2 pieces) 6.00 euros


I nostri antipasti e zuppa

Zuppa fredda di Pomodoro. Cold tomato soup with parmesan ice cream and almond oil 8.50 euros
Fresh spinach salad with truffle-filled soft cheese roll, wrapped in smoked ham and gratinated,
with red onions, raisins and walnuts *
9.60 euros
Breasaola with a vinaigrette of honey and hazelnut with lemon, avocado, rocket, shimeji,
caramelised apple, onion sprouts and guttiau bread
9.60 euros
Insalata with tuna belly meat, artichokes, boiled egg, mozzarella,
caramelised spring onion, cherry tomatoes, croutons and Italian fine-herb vinaigrette *
(gluten-free option without croutons)
9.90 euros
Mozzarella di bufala with couscous, Sicilian sweet and sour aubergine with celery,
olives, capers, pine nuts and small tomatoes *
10.60 euros
Truffle burrata with pear cooked in white wine and honey * 11.60 euros
Vitello tonnato 14.60 euros
Vongole. Naples-style clams cooked in white wine with basil, garlic, tomato and chillis * 14.80 euros
Gourmet piatto di antipasti
- Small burrata al tartufo with pears in white wine and honey.
- Bruschetta with anchovies on finely diced tomato.
- Small fresh spinach salad with red onions, raisin, walnut
and fresh cheese wrapped in smoked ham and gratinated.
- Vitello tonnato.
16.50 euros


Pasta cotta prepared to order
We have gluten-free pasta

Spaghetti all’arrabbiata, with tomato sauce, garlic, chillis, Parmesan and persil 9.60 euros
Paccheri al ragù napoletano with meat and sausage ragù, tomato and parmesan shavings 10.50 euros
Fettuccini with wild mushrooms figs and slices of Parma ham 13.80 euros
Spaghetti freschi neri. Fresh black spaghetti with langoustine tail, garlic, oil and chillis 11.40 euros
Triángoli di formaggio. Hand-made pasta triangles stuffed with goat cheese and dried tomatoes
with an emulsion of butter and olive oil with basil, pine nuts and parmesan shavings
11.80 euros
Paccheri with basil pesto cream, clams and calamari 13.90 euros
Spaghetti alla bottarga with mullet roe, garlic, oil, chillis, and goat’s cheese 13.90 euros
Spaghetti freschi al uovo with emulsion of sea urchin, clams, cockles, mussels, garlic, oil and chillis 14.80 euros


Risotti *

Risotto fontina with a cream of truffle and Fontina cheese * 15.60 euros
Risotto ai porcini asparagi. Risotto with wild mushrooms and mascarpone 16.50 euros
Risotto allo zafferano with saffron, octopus, clams and Salicornia * 16.60 euros



Carpaccio di polipo. Octopus carpaccio with black olives * 14.80 euros
Monkfish and langoustine carpaccio with semi sun-dried tomatoes, grilled artichokes and chives (contains traces of lactose)* 14.80 euros
Grilled cod with fine-herb crust on potato with peperonata and basil 15.80 euros
Tuna tartare on quinoa, rocket, tomato, sweet potato and sesame oil with lemon sorbet, ginger and basil * 16.80 euros
Branzino al rosmarino. Grilled sea bass fillet with rosemary on spinach *
     Half serving:
17.60 euros
10.90 euros
Rare tuna with Grana Padano cream, semi sun-dried tomatoes, green pistachios, Lombardy chilli and balsamic vinegar * 18.80 euros



Carpaccio di manzo. Beef carpaccio with shavings of Grana Padano, rocket, chanterelles and truffle oil * 14.80 euros
Beef burger on focaccia stuffed with mi cuit de foie and taleggio cheese with fine-herb butter, king trumpet mushrooms and “guanciale” bacon (Gluten-free option without focaccia) 16.40 euros
Beef tartare with bagna cauda, rare, with onion, celery, capers and oil scented with anchovies, garlic and walnuts * 15.40 euros
Galetto al forno. Baked spring chicken marinated with fine herbs and chilli * 13.80 euros
Tagliata di filetto di angus irlandese. Irish beef sirloin fillet with porcini on potato and spring onions * 20.30 euros

Dishes marked with an asterisk are suitable for gluten intolerances
10% VAT included


Per i bambini

Risotto with Parmesan* 7.00 euros
Meat ravioli with butter sauce 5.90 euros
Spaghetti with carbonara sauce or butter sauce or tomato sauce 5.90 euros
Milanese-style chicken scallop 7.60 euros
Hamburger with cheese and a tomato slice * 8.60 euros


Menu per bambini
Meat ravioli with tomato sauce
* * *
Milanese-style chicken scallop
* * *
One scoop of ice cream
Small chocolate cake (hot)

Includes one drink
15.80 €


Dishes marked with an asterisk are suitable for gluten intolerances

Menus for groups from €28.60
All prices include 10% VAT
Kitchen opening hours: 13.30 – 15.30 / 20.30 – 23.30
Closed Sunday evenings
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